The History of Cats

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Cats have lived on the planet of people ever since anyone can remember. Surely, they had to come from a place and researchers from throughout the world are trying to determine such interesting facts about cats. The same as nature, these pets had a lot to say in their destiny because it’s unthinkable for these animals to have evolved in different ways.

Every family cat in all areas of the world has originated from only 5 lineages from the Fertile Crescent.

According to scientists who analyzed the DNA of about a million domestic and feral cats, there’s not much variety among national ones.

1 scientist said that according to their research, cats weren’t trained as home pets in any other region of the world. They were domesticated by people who dwelt in the Fertile Crescent even before they were brought by people to other areas worldwide.

National cats of today have evolved from wilder predecessors 130,000 years ago however they’ve only been tracked back about 12,500 decades. These pets may have more ferocious relatives but long ago, they’ve diverted from those big cats.

Cats aren’t like any other domestic pet because they have the ability to domesticate themselves, which isn’t surprising in any way.

People with pet cats understand that felines will rarely do anything except when they wanted to. Cats started to show their willingness whenever they become faithful companions. They protected the plants of individuals from rodents and insects. When people realized the benefits of having cats such as keeping the vermin away, they wanted to keep them on goal.

Cats can be quite useful and because of this, individuals take their cats along whenever they traveled to other distant regions. Cats, realizing the worth of pet and human relationship, cooperated.

Cats with the Egyptian lineage dominated the contemporary cats of today.

In addition, in ancient Egypt, when a man has been known to have killed a cat, he is going to be sentenced with death. Egyptians have a high esteem for cats that’s the reason they keep them as pets. Probably, the majority of the cats today come in the Egyptian cat lineage.

According to scientists, Egyptian cats might have been the most popular lineage because they were highly admired. Additionally, they believe these cats to be better pets since they’re tamer and more social.

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